Monday, August 25, 2008

McCain's Recollection Problem

This week in an interview with, Presidential candidate John McCain was unable to recall how many homes he currently owns. According to insider reports gathered from the campaign trail, McCain is often unable to recall other day-to-day facts, including:

  • Where he placed those damn reading glasses
  • Whether or not he took his fiber pill at breakfast
  • The names of his grandchildren
  • Whether Matlock comes on at 7:00 or 7:30
  • What nights that $5.99 early bird special is running at Lindy's Diner
  • That brand of arthritis cream that works better than that other brand
  • How to open those email Internet messages from his son with the vacation pictures
  • Where he put that 1,500 Word Search Puzzles! workbook
  • If he ever deposited those coins he rolled from that jar on the dresser
  • Whether he checked the washer fluid in the Buick the last time he got gas
  • What he did with that 2-for-1 breakfast coupon he clipped from Tuesday's Penny Saver
  • What code to press to make a phone call on that damn cellular telephone
  • Whether or not he put that birthday money underneath the mattress
  • If he told Cindy to just rinse out those Ziploc bags because they're still perfectly fine to use again

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